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The thing is, Rustbelt Coffee is not about us. It’s not about how good we are or even how unique our product is.  It’s about you.  We are located in Toledo, OH and we know how tough it’s been in this part of the country for the past few years. (Ok maybe the past 15.) But with the bad has come some good.  So maybe Toledo isn’t a tourist destination, it’s not a place people dream to retire to, and it may not even be a place many people want to live, but that’s cool with us. The truth is not everyone can live in Toledo. It takes a special kind of person. The kind of person who doesn’t mind to fight for what they want, the kind of person who isn’t bothered just because things don’t come easy. Toledo is home to the brave, and the strong. Men and women who have planted their flags and screamed to the sky, “Come hell or high water this is where I’m staying…”  …maybe the screamed to the sky was a bit much but hey, you get the point. Basically what we’re saying is we love this town and the people in it. But it’s not just Toledo. America has become a leaner meaner country in the past decade or so.  So what do we do? Well, the only thing we know how to do: make coffee.  But we hope when you drink Rustbelt Coffee you’ll feel a little bit of that bravery and strength. And we’re here to let you know come hell or high water we’re here with you, cheering you on.  So there you have it, if you want to know about us you have to know Rustbelt Coffee is not about us… It’s about you.